20mm Saten Biye (25m Rulo - Farklı Renklerde)

Color: 01
Satış ücretiTL31.00


  • Habby satin bias is made of 100% polyester. Our products have several certificates in terms of quality. We are certified with ISO 9001 to ensure the standard in terms of customer satisfaction and quality management. Also, we have ISO 14001 certifications to ensure the standard of environmental management system. We care about occupational health and safety, to protect the health of our employees. In this direction, we have ISO 18001 OHSAS certificates.
  • Habby satin bias are available in 56 different colors, in widths of 20mm, 30mm or 40 mm and in lengths of 5 and 25 meters.
  • Habby satin bias can be used in create sewing and handcraft projects. At the same time it can be used for DIY projects, collar sides, shirt cuff edges, skirt circles, work and kitchen edges of aprons, edges of the bed sheets and towels, bag handles, edges of the tracksuits, to sofa upholstery for home decoration, to the pillow edges and many other areas.
  • In addition to Habby satin bias,we have also plaid bias, spotted bias, patterned bias, cotton bias, leather bias and silvery bias.
  • Next to bias tapes, Habby produces also: woven elastic, colored woven elastic, narrow woven elastic, striped woven elastic, printed woven elastic, silvery woven elastic, covered woven elastic, super elastic tape, knitted elastic, buttonhole elastic, shoe lace elastics, fold over elastic, satin ribbons, woven tapes elastic, mus tapes herringbone tape elastic, strap for bags, round elastic, braided elastic, belts, ribbons, trousers straps, cat and dog collars, bag handles.

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